Put Up a Paradise

Create beautiful living walls with EKOWALL and it's Vertical Planters. Roots grow into the 100% recycled P.E.T. plastic felt just like living walls in Europe that are now over 30 years old.

Our  pocket system lets you change and re-arrange your vertical garden easily and mess-free. Be a part of the urban green movement right here, right now.

An abundant collection of plants converts CO2 into oxygen. Root and soil systems that grow in felt absorb toxic VOCs and convert them to high nitrogen nutrient for plants. Plant walls condition the air, absorb noise and make out living spaces more enjoyable.




When advising on a living wall installation we ensure that the client gets the best solution for his needs.
With this in mind we work with the best systems.This ensures we can give you cost effective but high quality home solutions and wireless controlled complex professional solutions.

Projects: Vancouver, Canada



Projects: Grand Theatre in Groningen, Netherlands